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People & Community

Community Involvement

Cubis supports community groups in the areas that it operates.

Young Enterprise is a voluntary organization which builds a connected world of young people, business volunteers and educators, inspiring each other to succeed through enterprise. Each year, business volunteers inspire over 100,000 young people aged 4 to 25 years. The programmes empower the next generation with the confidence, ability and ambition to succeed in a rapidly changing global economy. Young Enterprise is dedicated to helping young people get these crucial employability skills at an early stage in their lives so that they survive and prosper in our ever-more competitive economy.

They rely on volunteers to educate, develop and inspire students from Primary to University level. Business volunteers come from across the business community, providing students with a first hand understanding of the wide range of opportunities that are available to them in their career paths.

Cubis Systems have been a Business Volunteer with Young Enterprise NI since 2006 and have mentored many Primary School classes through their YE Mini Company programs. Cubis Systems also participates in the Annual YE Trade Fair which brings the local Secondary and Grammar school pupils to a real life market place in which they sell their products or services to the public.

Commitment to Human Rights

Cubis welcomes the introduction of the UK’s Modern Slavery Act and supports fully all efforts to combat any abuse of human rights.

Tackling Modern Slavery