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Sustainability in Action

Health and Safety

  • CRH provide regular safety alerts of incidents and accidents that have occurred at other locations in the organisation. These are distributed throughout the organisation to educate employees about safety on site.
  • A new Health and Safety data entry system has been launched across Cubis´ three sites. The system acts as a single source for data entry and reporting in the organisation and replaces the stand alone reporting systems that were previously in existence in Lurgan, Liverpool and Roscommon.

    The system records all important areas of Health and Safety statistics including VFLs, Incidents and Accidents, Training Recording, Safety Observations, Safety Improvements and contains a Cubis Employee Database.

    Representatives on each site will be able to enter data onto one user-friendly system, eliminating many of the repetitive tasks. There is a range of reporting tools and metrics available for management and the data fields have been designed to be in line with CRH´s annual statistical return.

Community Involvement

  • Cubis supports community groups in the areas that it operates. Cubis is the sponsor of Lurgan Town FC's under 14 team.
  • Cubis Systems have been a Business Volunteer with Young Enterprise NI since 2006 and have mentored many Primary School classes through their YE Mini Company programs. Cubis Systems also participates in the Annual YE Trade Fair which brings the local Secondary and Grammar school pupils to a real life market place in which they sell their products or services to the public.


  • Cubis (ROI Site) is a member of the Repak packaging recycling scheme. Repak is an industry funded organisation whose aim it is to facilitate and grow packaging recycling. Based on the principle of producer responsibility, Repak was established to help businesses meet their legal obligations to fund the recovery and recycling of the packaging on the goods or services they supply, as set out in the Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations 2007. 

    Repak is solely funded from packaging levies, as charged to its participating businesses, and operates on a not for profit basis. As a Repak member Cubis is charged on the type and amount of packaging we produce, i.e. the more packaging we place on the Irish Market, the more we pay.

    Repak has designed its fee structure in this manner so as to curb the level of packaging manufacturers choose to use and to incentivise easier to collect/ recycle materials.
  • Cubis (UK Sites) is a member of the Valpak Packaging Producer Compliance Scheme. This gives UK Cubis sites access to a variety of services which assists with packaging data preparation and submission, audit planning, purchase of Packaging Waste Recovery Notes and reporting to the regulator for annual packaging compliance certification that allow us to be in compliance with the Packaging Waste Regulations.
  • As members of Repak and Valpak, Cubis is licensed to display the Green Dot symbol. The Green Dot Symbol is a European wide financial participation symbol that signifies the supplier is committed to protecting the environment by financially contributing to the cost of recovery and recycling of its packaging.


  • Cubis' operations are governed by a quality Management system that is accredited by British Standards Institute to ISO 9001. Cubis access covers that fully adhere to BS EN 124 bear the BSI Kitemark symbol. 


  • Cubis has been awarded the Carbon Saver Gold Standard for reducing its carbon emissions over a 3 year period. Cubis is part of the Carbon Reduction Commitment energy efficiency scheme which aims to minimise carbon use to reduce energy used by operations.

    Our ´gold´ standard, which is reviewed by an independent assessor, highlights that Cubis is willing to go above and beyond the legal requirement in reducing carbon emissions