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Melbourne Metro Tunnel

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Melbourne Metro Tunnel: CUBIS installs first BVCI Rail Pit in $10.9b Australian project

CUBIS Systems installed the first BVCI™ communications rail pit for the Metro Rail Tunnel Project, estimated to be worth $10.9 billion in construction works. The installation marked the beginning of the early works phase for the project located in central Melbourne, VIC Australia.

The installation took place at one of Melbourne’s busiest intersections, with timing and product accuracy critical to the success of the project. The sizeable 3.6mx1.65mx2.7m BVCI™ precast concrete pit had no floor or end walls, involved transportation through a highly populated city and required the pit to accommodate pre-existing cables boxed within the site.

Our CUBIS engineering and production team are specialists in their field and up to meeting this challenge.

More information available via the Metro Tunnel: BVCI Rail Pit Case Study


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