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Recessed Cover partiallty infilled
Recessed Cover partiallty infilled
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Unser AX-S™ auspflasterbarer Füllrahmen hat sich bei vielen Anwendern einen Namen gemacht wegen seiner hochwertigen Ausführung und sicheren Anwendung bei einem guten Preis-Leistungsverhältnis.

Die Abdeckungen können mit unterschiedlichen Verschluss-Mechanismen/Sicherungsschlössern ausgerüstet werden.

Nur Cubis AX-S™ Füllrahmen sind bei OpenReach und Virgin Media für Gehwegabdeckungen zugelassen.

AX-S™ Füllrahmen sind geprüft nach DIN EN 124 für die Lastklasse B125.

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  • Meets requirements of BS EN124: 1994 (B125)
    Meets relevant European and British standards and is kitemarked for compliance
  • Meets test loads when unfilled
    Due to the testing specification stating that recessed covers must be tested unfilled, AX-S™ Recessed Covers can be filled with any material to suit the surrounding area.
  • Tapered sides and centralised lifting points
    Cover leaves are tapered and possess lifting points in the centre, not the corner, of the cover. This allows one person to lift and slide the cover out.
  • Can be fitted with locking
    Spring-loaded cylinder locking mechanisms can be built into the cover, allowing for the covers to be locked securely. Locking keys can be adapted to suit the end user’s needs. This prevents access to the infrastructure network below.
  • Manufactured from 6mm steel
    Access covers will not bow under the strain of filled materials, as with lighter-gauge covers.
  • Designed for maximum filled weights
    In line with industry specification, individual AX-S™ Recessed Covers will not weigh more than 78kg even when filled. This is to allow a single person to lift out the cover using the lift and slide design.
  • Badged with customer information
    Covers can be badged with  information to allow for identification by operatives.
  • Bespoke sizes
    Can be manufactured in a large size range, using cross-beams and cross-pieces to build multi-cover units.

cubis manufacture three different frame depths to account for different infill materials and applications.

Homezone covers are used for 'shared surface' areas, where the demarcation between pedestrians and drivers is minimised. These areas use deep paving materials rather than typical road construction materials possess low speed limits. Because of this, they qualify as B125 areas because they feature slow moving traffic.

For more information on using HomeZone access covers, please visit access covers for shared surfaces.

Vertical Loading 

AX-S™ Recessed covers are rated to B125 load classification under EN124

Suitable for: footways, pedestrian areas and comparable areas, car parks or parking decks.

Recessed access frames and covers are manufactured from 6mm steel, hot dipped galvanised to EN1461.

AX-S™ Recessed covers  can be supplied with the following accessories.

Customer Badging

Bespoke customer details can be included in the badge for identification and awareness.

Frame Designs

Recessed access covers can be supplied with a number of frame options, including:

  • Standard frames
  • Raising frame
  • BLOKadjust
  • For various frame depths, please consult Frame depths section.

For more information, please consult the cover frames page.


Access covers can be fitted with a locking system to deter acts of vandalism. This is by means of a stainless steel spring-loaded captive bolt which is cast into the cover. A turnbuckle is fitted to the lock and swings into the frame to secure the cover in position.The bolt has a specially machined head which can only be opened with a matching key. Bespoke keys can be provided on request.

Please download the access chamber and cover size guide.

Information on sizing

Access chambers are always referred to by their ‘clear opening’ (internal dimensions).

Access covers are always referred to by their clear opening and sometimes by their frame depth or type.<br

The access cover clear opening should be greater or equal to the clear opening of the access chamber to ensure it will be supported when installed.


165 - Northern Ireland EI - Recessed Access Covers (Newcastle) - UK - 003.JPG Northern Ireland Streetscapes: AX-S™ Recessed

AX-S™ Recessed access cover streetscapes installations within Northern Ireland.