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Main Product citadel image
Main Product citadel image

Citadel ist die CUBIS Hochsicherheits-Abdeckungsreihe in vielen Größen verfügbar in einfacher, doppelter und dreifacher Wandausführung.

Citadel Aufkant-Abdeckungen erfüllen die Anforderungen der Sicherheitsstufe 4 nach LPS 1175: Issue 7 des Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)

Aufkant- Abdeckungen werden oberhalb des Deckelrahmens montiert und stehen über die Umgebungsfläche hinaus.

Mit Aufkant-Abdeckungen ist ein wasserdichter Zugangsschacht realisierbar.


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  • The highest levels of security
    Citadel is rated to Level 4 of LPS 1175, suitable for protecting Critical National Infrastructure sites. Cover security can be enhanced with a double-skin cover for additional protection during attack.
  • Safe to lift
    Opening of cover leaves is aided by a torsion spring and a lifting handle
  • Safe in operation
    Covers are prevented from slamming shut by the presence of a safety arm with manual pull override. Access covers can also be specified with  hinged fall protection safety grids.
  • Design to manufacture
    CUBIS designs and manufactures access covers in-house and can assist with site surveys to aid with the cover design.
  • Long life
    Citadel covers are hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461. For increased longevity and aggressive environments a superior galvanising finish can be used to give a 100 (min) or 140 (min) micron zinc coating. Please refer to the Galvanizers Association's Zinc Corrosion Map to ascertain whether a higher level of galvanising is required.

Citadel access covers are not suitable for trafficking. They are intended to sit proud of the finished surface.

Citadel access covers are certified to Level 4 of LPS 1175. This means they the network is  protected in High Risk areas, such as a urban sites with a history of serious vandalism and where there is a threat of terrorist attack or Critical National Infrastructure Sites.

Covers are manufactured from a minimum of 4mm thick structural steel plate and are hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461.

Citadel can be specified with the following options:

   Double Skin (Sub Security)

   Safety Grid

   Insect / Pest Mesh

   Odour Seal