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Upstand Access Covers

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Aufkant- Abdeckungen werden oberhalb des Deckelrahmens montiert und stehen über die Umgebungsfläche hinaus. Mit Aufkant-Abdeckungen ist ein wasserdichter Zugangsschacht realisierbar.

CUBIS Stahlabdeckungen werden auf jede Einbausituation angepasst. Erfordernisse in Bezug auf Einstiegsöffnung, Schiebersysteme und die am Einbauort erwartete Zink-Korrosion werden in der Detailplanung berücksichtigt.

Die Nutzung/Bedienung kann durch entsprechendes Zubehör erleichtert werden. Durch Ausrüstung mit entsprechenden Schließsystemen wird der unberechtigte Zugang verhindert.

Aufkant-Abdeckungen enstsprechen nicht den LPCB Anforderungen, sind aber geeignet für Einbau in Zonen, die nicht als „Hochrisiko“ eingestuft sind. Für diese Einsätze empfehlen wir unsere Citadel Modelle.

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Hinged Covers

Covers are hinged and the opening aided by steel springs. Each cover is manufactured so that the cover will rise slowly or with minimal effort.

Cover lifting can also be assisted with gas struts.

Fall protection

CUBIS has designed a number of fall-protection options including:

  • Hinged
  • Drop-in
  • Split

Safety grids can be fitted with a failsafe lock back catch.

Safety Stays

Covers are optimised for safety during use with a safety stay that prevents the cover leaf from slamming shut when in use.



Lifting during installation

Covers are fitted with removable bolt-off lifting plates that  allow for the cover to be moved safely and easily.


Covers are hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461. For increased longevity and aggressive environments a superior galvanising finish can be used to give a 100 (min) or 140 (min) micron zinc coating. Please refer to the Galvanizers Association's Zinc Corrosion Map to ascertain whether a higher level of galvanising is required.


Powder Coating

Access covers can be powder-coated for aesthetic purposes.



Customer Badging

Bespoke customer details can be included in the badge for identification and awareness.

  Locked with: Protected from:

Standard Turnbuckle

Non premeditated attack by  vandals

Standard Turnbuckle  
Hasp and Staple Locking

Opportunist attack by vandals with  tools that can easily be concealed  upon their person.

Enhanced Turnbuckle
Hasp and Staple Locking

Vandals forced entry using a wide  selection of medium duty tools.

  For high-security access covers, please see Citadel.

Upstand access covers are suitable for areas that are not trafficked. They are intended to sit proud of the finished surface.

Upstand access covers are suitable for rural and urban locations with low to medium risk of vandalism.

For high-security access covers, please see Citadel.