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Railduct ISO
Railduct ISO
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RAILduct™ ist ein HDPE formgepresstes Kabeltrogsystem. Ein Element wiegt weniger als 15 kg, kann aber Verkehrslasten aufnehmen.

RAILduct™ hat erhebliche Vorteile in der Anwendung in Bezug auf Arbeitssicherheit, Bauzeit und flexibler Anpassung an die jeweiligen Baustellenanforderungen. Der größte Vorteil ist dabei die 5 x kürzere Einbauzeit im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Betontrögen und die damit verbundene Kosteneinsparung.

Die Verbindung der 1 Meter langen Einzelelemente wird durch Einhaken und Verdrehen vorgenommen. Die Verbindung erlaubt eine geringe Bewegung der Elemente und ermöglicht so die Anpassung an leichte Bögen in der Gleistrasse.

RAILduct™ wird weltweit in vielen Eisenbahnanwendungen eingesetzt, auch unter extremen Temperaturbedingungen. Es wird auch in Starkstromnetzen und an Autobahnen verwendet.

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  • Lightweight

    Faster to install than concrete alternatives as the complete units can be lifted into place by one person
    Easier to handle on site
    Reduced health and safety issues

  • Strong, structural design
    Robust during the installation process and in service
  • Can be hinged and locked on both sides
    Covers can be opened where convenient to the operator
  • Base embeds in ballast
    The unit is secured into the surrounding material due to the tapered base, meaning units are not displaced by the velocity of passing trains
  • High UV Stability
    Longer life due to high UV rating
  • Tamper proof lock and keys 
    Units can be secured against threat of vandalism or theft of cables. Specialist security bolts can be provided on request
  • Can be divided
    Multiple services can be contained in one unit, meaning that only trough units do not have run side-by-side

Railduct™  is commonly used for the following applications:


  • Telecommunications 
  • High / Low Voltage power cabling 

Power & Energy

  • High / Low Voltage power cabling 


Product assembly video


Installation procedure of  Railduct™ for track side use

For more product videos, please visit the Video section

 RAILduct™ is manufactured in nitrogen-foamed High Density Polyethylene, of which up to 70% is recycled material

Benefits of HDPE:

  • Excellent chemical resistance to ethanol, acetone, diesel etc.
  • Unaffected by sulfate ground conditions.
  • Recyclable
  • Robust - no breakage waste
  • Completely impervious to water
  • Nitrogen injection creates cellular core (CFC free)
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • High stiffness to weight ratio
  • Easy to cut for duct entries

Bends & T-Junctions

RAILduct™ has 3 degrees of flexibility built into every unit due to the twist and lock mechanism. For more extreme bends, units can be supplied that meet the exact requirements of the track design. T-Junction units can also be supplied for breaking away from a cable through run.  



Section Profile

Product Profile

  • Weight: 9.9 kg (body), 4.3 kg (cover), 14.2 kg (total)
  • Length: 1020 mm
  • Material: High Density Polyethylene


179 - Morgan Sinall - Colas Rail - Pontypridd Station - UK - Rail (2) Pontypridd Station Renovations: RAILduct™ Installation

The £24m re-development scheme transformation of the Grade 2 listed Pontypridd station in South Wales using RAILduct™ Cable Trough.

103 - Trafiverket - Cable Troughing - UK - 021 Cable Trough (Trafikverket): RAILduct™

RAILduct™ cable troughing system project for Trafikverket the Swedish Transport Administration.